Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rise and Shine (Women's Lives and Relationships Annotation)

Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlen is set in New York and tells the story of sisters Meghan and Bridget Fitzmaurice. Both sisters are in their 40's with Meghan being the eldest of the two sisters and is a successful news anchor for the morning show Rise and Shine. Meghan and her husband Evan live a jet set life. All of this comes apart after Meghan makes the worst mistake that can be made during an on air interview. Thinking her mic is off, and they've cut to a commercial break, Meghan blurts out the profane statement "Fucking Asshole" in reference to interviewee Ben Greenstreet. This was nothing less than career suicide for Meghan. Just before this life changing event Meghan's husband Evan decides to leave her because he's tired of their marriage being all about her. In the end the victim of their messed up life ends up being their son Leo who is shot in the Bronx. Bridget, Meghan's younger sister, is a social worker who runs a women's shelter for domestic abuse victims and addicts in the Bronx. Bridget is there to help Meghan pick up the pieces after all the fallout.

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